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Setting a good example to follow

The righteous always walks in his sincerity; Goodbye are his children after him. – Proverbs 20: 7

Concern about your family is very normal. But it’s wise if you change that into concern about your own character. If you walk in sincerity to the Lord, you will do more to bless your descendants than when you neglect them a great deal of power. The holy life of a father is a rich legacy for his sons. The sincere man leaves his heirs his example. This is in itself a treasure of real wealth. How many people can bring their lives back to their parents’ example! He also leaves them with his good name. People think the better about you if you are a child of a man who could become trusted or if you are the successor of a trader with an excellent reputation. I wish all young people take care to keep the family name high! On top of all, he prays to his children prayers and the blessing of prayer-calling God. These ensure that his posterity is favored among the people. God will make them blessed even after you die. I wish they could be blessed right away! Your sincerity can be a means for God to save your sons or daughters. If they see the truth of your religion through your life, it may be that they themselves will believe in Jesus. Lord, fulfill this word to my family!

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